We take caring for our team seriously. Very seriously!


When we say that caring is in our nature, it doesn’t just refer to our clients and their properties.


  • Award winning company
  • Many career paths to choose from
  • Impeccable safety record


  • Industry leading compensation
  • RRSP contributions
  • Health and fitness benefits
  • Referral and bonus programs
  • Overtime pay
  • Full-time year-round positions
  • Guaranteed hours programs


  • Weekly summer BBQs
  • Family gatherings
  • Opportunities for volunteering
  • Service awards


At Gelderman, there are no dead ends. We hire people of character and provide them with the opportunities they need to develop, both personally and professionally.

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“If you like mediocrity then don’t apply.  I love the fact that I am challenged and encouraged to learn and grow to fulfill my potential as a valued employee. ‘Caring is in our Nature’ is the company tag line. Not many companies revisit their Mission Statement and branding to ensure that they are following what they say and promise. Gelderman does. The company truly cares about each employee and their family. The training, mentorship, coaching and encouragement from the top to the bottom and conversely from the bottom to the top ensures that each employee is given the opportunity to develop a career not just a job.”

— Chris Mace, VP Landscape

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“People are often surprised when I tell them I’ve worked at Gelderman Landscape services for 17 years. When they ask why I just tell them the truth. Gelderman Landscaping puts their employees first! They have invested into me, by putting me through the horticulture apprenticeship program as well as many other courses over the years. This has allowed me to grow in the company, starting as a laborer and now developed into a Branch Manager role. This employee first model has allowed me to not think of this as a job, but, rather a career where I can help make a difference for my staff and encourage them to grow while serving our clients with the Care we always talk about.”

— Mike DeBoer, Branch Manager

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“I have been working at Gelderman for 10 years. I enjoy the people I work for and with. Since all of us have ‘good’ and ‘bad’ days, it’s reassuring that if I have a ‘bad’ day, there are people that will listen and help! I would encourage anyone looking to join Gelderman Landscape Services to have an open mind. Just because you may start off as a labourer, you don’t have to stay one. Just ask questions and strive to be your best. I was encouraged to move forward and am now excited to take on new responsibilities and further my education at Gelderman.”

— Mike Harry, Turf Specialist

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““Respect, care and a true sense of team amongst my peers and management is why I look forward to coming to work every day. Being shown that you’re truly appreciated on the job means a lot”

— Bill Walker, Maintenance Crew Leader

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“Working at Gelderman Landscape Services is a great experience for any employee within the company. No matter your title, I feel like the company gives you the attention you deserve and will work with you to reach your goals. I was originally hired as a landscape labour, but I set goals for myself to grow, and Gelderman took notice of that. I eventually was promoted to an account manager as part of the maintenance team. I am now the branch manager for our Mississauga location and am still looking to grow within the company. Gelderman is always giving back to the staff. I would recommend working for Gelderman if you’re looking for a career with the opportunity for growth.””

— Scott Maxwell, Branch Manager

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“I have been with Gelderman Landscape Services for a long time, and have no reason to leave such a great company. Gelderman treats all staff with respect and encourages growth, no matter position or title you have within the company. Gelderman shows clients and staff why their phrase ‘Caring is in our nature.’ is so important to them as leaders in the landscape industry.”

— Jason Bobbitt, Production Manager

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We Care, Work, Play & Celebrate!