Water Smart Irrigation Professional program could save you money

With extremely high temperatures and very little rain irrigation systems are working full out.

With this summer’s conditions putting stress on irrigation system, there is a program that can help take care of both short-term and long-term issues with your irrigation system.

Known as Water Smart Irrigation Professionals (WSIP), the program was developed by Landscape Ontario and the Regional Municipality of York and the Region of Peel. Hamilton is now part of the WSIP program. Chosen industry professionals receive specialized training and certification. Gelderman Landscape Services is one of the WSIP certified firms.

The program allows businesses to analyse their irrigation system. A WSIP-certified professional assesses your system to determine its efficiency, along with looking for damaged or leaking hardware. A formal assessment report determines the property’s annual water usage with the present irrigation system, and how much less water would be required if efficient measures were adopted.

Since the program started in 2014, certified WSIP inspectors have determined savings on average of 57 per cent.

Jeremy Harris, technical analyst with Peel Region, says the program provides contractors with a financial incentive to encourage their clients to upgrade existing irrigation systems. “The municipality is excited about the results on water savings,” says Harris.

The new central control systems on the market are estimated to save an additional 30 per cent of total water use. The control tells controls when the sprinkler system is on or off. Local weather and landscape conditions are determined to tailor watering schedules. Many of the old systems use a clock and a pre-set schedule, despite weather conditions.

Irrigation professionals can help achieve further savings through ongoing monitoring and water management to maximize the life of your system by identifying required maintenance and upgrades and calculating the associated return on investment.

Find out how we work with our clients to develop programs that conserve water, maintain healthy properties and save them money. From improving irrigation systems to suggesting appropriate drought-tolerant plants, we create properties that are attractive, climate-tough and cost-efficient.