Water Features – High Maintenance?

Don’t be fooled by the pure beauty and soothing vibrations of water features. They require consistent maintenance – much more than, say your garden.

Contractors should be honest when selling water features and be careful not to oversell their simplicity. There has been too many horror stories of potential customers complaining of green ponds or dead fish.

Much like your lawn needs to be mowed every week, your water feature requires a few minutes attention as well. Listed below are the 3 maintenance issues contractors should keep in mind:

1. **Keep out organic debris**. Anything organic that blows into a water feature, such as leaves, grass clippings, branches etc. has the potential to break down and become algae food.
2. **Keep Water Healthy**. Make sure your water feature has excellent filtration, especially if you are going to introduce fish. It’s better to over filter than under filter.
3. **Add Water Treatments on a Regular Basis**. To avoid green ponds, make sure you add water treatments at least every couple of weeks.