Video: Working At Gelderman

At Gelderman, there are no dead ends. We hire people of character and provide them with the opportunities they need to develop, both personally and professionally. Don’t take our word…hear the stories of some of our employees.


My name is Scott.

My name is Dawn.

My name is Mark.

My name is Jeff.

My name’s Shane, I’ve been with Gelderman for 10 years.

I’ve been working for Gelderman Landscape Services for about four years now.

I’m the branch manager for Mississauga location.

I’m a lead-hand at Gelderman Landscape Services.

The work environment at Gelderman Landscape Services is fun and exciting all the time.

Gelderman’s the type of place where there’s a good team atmosphere.

I love getting up in the morning and going to Gelderman’s because I love the team that I work with because we really get along and have fun on the sites and we all work together to create something beautiful.

What’s so unique is that I’m working with guys that started 15, 16 years ago and they’re teaching me things that I never even knew was possible.

Gelderman is a very family-oriented company. A customer that becomes a customer of ours becomes a part of that family and for years we tend to know them for a long time.

It means a lot to me that Gelderman Landscape Services puts a huge emphasis on family.

There’s good camaraderie, everyone seems to work together.

You come in, you start working, you’re not working with a bunch of random strangers. No, you’re working together with people as a team towards accomplishing a common goal.

Whether it’s somebody who’s been here for a long time or somebody new, you know, the new person walking in doesn’t have to worry about “Now what do I do?” Somebody senior will say, “Hey you look new here. Let’s help you out.”

Here at Gelderman Landscape Services, there’s lots of opportunity.

Gelderman’s the type of company where you can come out of school with maybe a degree in some sort of horticultural design or something and you can move into a company that’s bigger and has some potential and some room to grow.

At Gelderman Landscape Services, we are continuing to grow. We’re always looking for new people to come on board who want a career, not just a job.

It’s not just a job for me.

When people ask me what’s it like to work at Gelderman, I say it’s absolutely incredible.