The Summer Season is Here! Outdoor Living!

With only four short months – at most – of warm weather, we Canadians know how to delight in every outdoor minute, but do we take advantage of every inch of outdoor space, too?

No matter the size, think of your yard as an extension of the indoors. Picture the components that make up your living and dining rooms: floors, walls, furniture, rugs and decorative accessories. But how do you create these spaces under the sun?

It’s amazing how many options are available outdoors these days! No longer are we limited to a patio slab with ugly plastic lounge chairs, or a builder-grade deck. We are now constructing living rooms, kitchens, fireplaces, dining rooms, conversation pits, fire pits, spas, full bars and many more amenities. With all of the weather resistant woods, light fixtures, furniture, fabrics and even appliances today, there really is no limitations on what you can make of your outdoor space. The photos show some of our most recent spaces that blur the lines between indoors and out.

## Questions to ask before you start:
1. Consider your needs and lifestyle. How do you use your outdoor space? Do you entertain outside during the summer? Do you have kids?
2. Be realistic about the space you have. Do you have a large backyard or a small balcony? Do you have enough room for a complete outdoor living and dining room set or just a small bistro table and chairs?
3. Go out with a plan – make a list. What do you need? How much are you willing to spend? Are you starting from scratch or updating what you already have.

(This blog posting is part of a series titled: ***The Summer Season is Here!*** Part I in the series can be found [here](http://gelderman.wwwwww.ca/blog/14/the-summer-season-is-here-understanding-beef-101))