The Side Effects of a Warmer Winter – Stink Bugs

For much of the country, this has been a very mild winter. Many have enjoyed the warmer temperatures and sunnier days but this much warmer winter comes with many negative side effects.

A warmer winter means more bugs for the summer, especially stink bugs and the dying off of many predatory bugs that can help to keep the Stink Bug population down.

Stink Bugs tend to lay eggs on the underside of leafs and with the warmer temperatures many of these eggs will hatch a newer generation of Stink Bugs with a longer life and more importantly more time to decimate this years fruit and vegetable crop.

How to get Rid of Stink Bugs?

  • Seal Your House Properly: The best preventive measure in this regard is to keep them off your home in the first place. Remove foliage, weeds and other attractive flowers from the perimeters of your home. Then check your house thoroughly to ensure there are no cracks or holes left in any entry point. Put curtains on your doors as well as windows and check that they do not have any crack. Normally, cracks on doors, windows, utility pipes, behind chimneys, or underneath wood fascia allow stink bugs to enter your home. Having found any crack, seal them with caulk or other relevant material.
  • Use a Vacuum Cleaner: When stink bugs take advantage of loophole and enter the house, the best possible way to get rid of them is to use vacuum cleaners. You can suck up stink bugs through the vacuum hose. Once you have collected the entire stink bugs population present in your home, seal the bag immediately and dispose them off somewhere far away from your home. It is so because their foul smell can invite other stink bugs to your home
  • Use Water Detergent: Since stink bugs cannot live in water, using soap solution will prove result-oriented. Soap solution in fact penetrates into their shield and causes them to die in no time. What you have to do is mix water with liquid detergent using equal quantity and spray it on individual bugs. Although it is time-consuming yet it is cost-effective and result oriented.
  • Call a Professional Exterminator: If stink bugs amass in a greater number and you feel it pretty hard to handle them, it is better to call a professional exterminator who will be able to exterminate nasty bugs in an effective manner. A certified pest controller will not only eliminate existing bugs by using special chemicals but also secure your house by sealing all the prospective entry points