The Right Maintenance will keep Condo’s Looking Their Best

Keeping curb appeal through regular grounds maintenance is all about setting standards and keeping an eye on the details.

### Your Beds, Shrubs and Trees

– Cut back sucker growth on trees, overhanging plants and remove damaged, dead or dying plant materials
– Know how and when to prune different types of shrubs to maintain health & attain vigorous growth
– Spend time on your garden beds. Deadhead flowers while you weed to keep your gardens looking their best
– Enlarge your garden beds and add mulch; cut fresh edges where the grass meets the lawn
– Use colorful annuals to create visual interest

### Your Lawn Care Routine Matters

– Cut grass to 3” length to maintain health
– Fertilize! A healthy, well fed lawn is a weed free lawn
– Water properly: consider an irrigation system to ensure your lawn receives the right amount of water at the right time
– Edge beds and power edge all curbs and sidewalks for a clean finish
– Use string trimming sparingly, to prevent burning of lawn edges

### Your Equipment Matters
– When purchasing equipment, keep an eye on environmental emissions guidelines, and keep it well maintained, and up-to-date to reduce noise and environmental pollution
– Mowing equipment should be fuel-injected and equipped with catalytic converters, which eliminates more than 95% of carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides

### Communication, Communication, Communication

Good communication between you and your maintenance team means small problems can be corrected before they become large problems. They should inform you of any issues as they arise, offer solutions, and make suggestions for property improvements.