Struggling Plant Material

Since the harsh winter, you may have noticed some plant material is not looking very healthy compared to last year.

With the high amount of moisture in the form of snow, ice and rain, and cold temperatures, some of the plant material has died off. The best example to describe what has happened is if you were to leave your water lines outside exposed to the cold, the pipe would break. This is what has happened to the shoots of the plants. We are seeing growth starting off again from the bottom which means the shrubs are still alive and trying to re-grow.

Over the next month or so, our team will start to rejuvenate those bushes that are suffering and in the common element beds. It may take a couple of years for these plants to return to their original size, and there is no guarantee they will survive, but the deadwood will be removed.

Plant material that we have noticed so far that has been effected is Weigela, Mock Orange, Hydrangeas, Purple Leaf Sandcherries, Smoke Bushes and Privet, *(click through for pictures of these plants)* but there may be others.