Red Carpet Rejuvenation: 2025 William O’Connell, Burlington

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New owners of a commercial plaza located in a middle income Burlington neighbourhood wanted to impress tenants and quickly transform their property.

### Before…
The property was tired and had not been maintained properly for many years. Trees were dead, gardens were overgrown and full of weeds, and plant suckers and tree stakes were left to litter the landscaping.

### After Gelderman’s signature Red Carpet Rejuvenation Program…
Within four days the plaza looked like a brand new property! Here’s how we did it:

– Edged gardens and removed dead plant material
– Pruned shrubs and trees and transplanted existing shrubs
– Replaced the old red gravel in the front garden bed with shredded pine bark mulch
– Made irrigation adjustments to ensure proper watering rates and reduce overspray
– Created an entrance feature garden to highlight the plaza’s main entrance way

Take a look at the before and after pictures above to see our results!