PLANT OF THE MONTH: Bergenia cordifolia

Pigsqueak gets its name from the sound created by rubbing together the wet leaves of this spring-blooming plant. Its heart-shaped evergreen foliage will ensure colour all year-round. Bergenia’s small purple blooms grow on burgundy stems in the spring months, while its foliage turns bronze in the cooler months.

**Growing Conditions:** Tolerant of a wide variety of soils and light condition but prefers partial sun, and rich humus soil. Its clumping form is great for borders and edging.

**Size:** 40 – 50cm in height and spread

**Hardiness:** Zone 3

**Where to Plant:** partial sun/shade, rock gardens

**Plant Partners:** hellebores, hostas, brunnera, grasses, and ferns

**Designer’s Tip:** Remove damaged foliage and treat with beneficial nematodes twice annually to prevent vine weevil.

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*Post contributed by Chelsea Mills, Jr. Landscape Designer*