Ice Storm – April 2018

What a weekend!

The storm our staff soldiered through this past weekend was one for the books. Many of our staff have been in the snow clearing business for years, and could not recall a storm like we all just experienced this April. Through late nights, lack of sleep, sporadic meals, and snow that feels like concrete, it can be hard to stay positive! However, tough times are a good display of character, and even through this unprecedented ice and snow event, our core values were alive and well.

This storm was not without difficulties. Having transitioned our staff and equipment into Spring Clean Up mode, many of our seasonal staff had returned to their regular summer employment leaving quite a heavy workload full-time employees.

Thank you to all employees for respecting your co-workers and our customers on site. Thank you for showing your passion and showing up to clear snow in April! Thank you for taking the time to do the job right. Most of all, thank you for showing our customers how much you care.

*These positive comments from our property managers and clients are evidence that your hard work is seen and appreciated.*

**We would like to thank our clients, property managers, board members and residents for your patience throughout these last few days.**