Gelderman Implements Weather Alert News Flashes

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In the wake of the major snow event that hit Southern Ontario on February 8, 2013, Gelderman Landscaping has implemented an email News Flash system to keep our customers up-to-date on expected weather events, and how we are preparing to tackle them.

Weather alert news flashes will be emailed to our clients in the following situations:

  • Environment Canada has posted weather alerts, advisories or watches for our operating areas
  • Snow fall of greater than 10 cm (4 ) is called for
  • Sleet, hail or freezing rain storms are expected
  • Hurricane, super-storms or other major storm warnings have been issued

News flashes will be sent 12 hours before the event is expected to arrive, and will include weather updates, Gelderman operations updates, and a short term forecast (if one is available). For major events, this communication may be followed by an operations update 12-24 hours into the event.

We hope this new procedure enhances the Gelderman client experience.