Featured Project: RBC Waterdown

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This week we successfully installed the xeriscape themed garden for the Royal Bank of Canada, located in the heart of Waterdown.

For those wondering, xeriscaping is a type of landscaping that uses little to no water. Since the main objective with these landscapes is to conserve water, lawns are often eliminated and replaced with other media such as pebble, boulders or mulch. Our client’s wish list included a design without a lawn to cut maintenance costs, hardy, low maintenance plants and most importantly, good curb appeal.

After a brainstorming session in the design office, we concluded that creating a dry river bed out of various sizes of pebble, would give flow and structure from every angle of the garden. Low maintenance shrubs and perennials were chosen such as ‘Autumn Joy’ Sedum, ‘Huron Sunrise’ Maiden Grass, and ‘Golden Sword’ Yucca.

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*Post contributed by Andrea Weddum, Landscape Designer*