Earth Day – 2018

Earth Day

Yesterday, (April 22, 2018) was the 48th Earth Day celebrated since it’s inception in 1970. This day is important as it reminds us of our position on this earth and the great responsibility that comes with it. God has called us to be stewards of his creation, to live in, and off the land, and to have dominion over it. He is not telling us just to take what we need and leave it! We need to tend it, care for it and nurture it. At Gelderman, we have a unique opportunity to directly affect large areas of the landscape of Southern Ontario – what responsibility, and a pleasure! Every day our crews go out and care for creation.

This great responsibility to care for our world means we need to be looking ahead. Gelderman plants new plantings, bringing color and life into spaces that were lacking, creating invigorating spaces for homeowners, businesses, and communities. Our maintenance team now boasts a completely electric maintenance crew to save energy and have less of an environmental impact. Our irrigation team audits systems to find the best way to water your property to conserve water and use it efficiently. We look to the future and are motivated to preserve the environment to continue to enjoy healthy and attractive outdoor spaces.

God has given us a wonderful creation to work it and keep it!