Lawn Rescue

See the difference Gelderman makes

Does your commercial property need a lawn rescue? Does it look more like a before picture than an after picture? Are you consistently having to deal with weeds, blotchiness, dead grass? Don’t despair! Gelderman has a solution and we’re going to share it with you below.

When we first took over maintenance at this Cambridge site in 2013, the lawn needed a lot of work to be brought back to life.

Here’s how we rehabilitated it:

  • In 2013, 2014, and 2015, we aerated, top dressed, and seeded this area every spring and fall
  • Applied three applications of weed control annually: two in spring and one in the fall
  • Regularly cut the grass to 3.5 inches
  • Consistent watering through irrigation and rainfall
  • Continue to aerate, top dress, and seed this lawn every fall to maintain the health of the lawn

Click on the photos above to get a close-up view of how much the lawn of this commercial property progressed over the years.

Our commercial landscaping services

When you work with Gelderman Landscape Services, you’re partnering with a full-service business that takes care of everything. We’ll make your property the envy of your community. With unparalleled service and customer care, you can rest assured that every garden bed, lawn, and paved area will be meticulously looked after.

If you’d like to download our commercial landscaping property guide, all you have to do is click here.

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