ANDREW WESTRIKDirector, Business Development

    Andrew joined the team at Gelderman Landscape Services in February 2017 as Director of Business Development. Andrew comes with over 16 years of business development and relationship management experience. Prior to working at Gelderman Landscape Services Andrew spent many years within the Education industry helping schools and school districts foster and build leadership culture.

    Andrew has lived in Guelph his whole life. Andrew received his earliest introductions to beautiful outdoor spaces from his father who remains an avid gardener in his eighties. As a young boy, Andrew kept busy cutting grass for seniors in the neighbourhood…with as many as 8 yards when he was 14 years old. Andrew received his universitiy degree from the University of Guelph. Andrew enjoys the outdoors and, together with his family, grows vegetables in their backyard garden.

    Andrew is a dedicated family man. Andrew is married to Theresa and together they have been blessed with 6 children…there are few dull moments in the Westrik home.