Property maintenance is a Gelderman specialty. We provide all the services required to make corporate, multi-residential, and institutional properties look immaculate.

Our team takes action proactively to ensure every detail is taken care of before it becomes an issue. It’s the services you need and the expertise you can count on.

Our account managers and crews are assigned properties long-term so that they know the exact needs of their grounds throughout the year, and there is more personalized and accountable care. Just as importantly, you’ll get to know your team better and come to count on them for sound advice and helpful suggestions.


Ongoing Property Management and Maintenance

Keep your property fresh and beautiful, without lifting a finger. Gelderman offers ongoing property management backed up by our Red Carpet Care promise. We keep your lawns cut, trees, shrubs and plants trimmed, garden beds cleaned and your outdoors free from any garbage or debris.

Our team has a reputation as one of the top property and facility management companies in Ontario — and that’s because we deliver service based on your needs. At the end of the day, we’ll provide excellent and reliable communication with you, offer suggestions to enhance your property, and fulfill our commitment to you day in and day out.

Parking Lot Services

If you own a commercial property with a parking lot then you may have issues with worn pavement, potholes, or litter and other debris. Our parking lot maintenance services can resolve a range of problems for both asphalt and concrete parking lots.

From asphalt cracks and chipped curbs to broken catches basins and fading parking lines, our team can deal with any type of parking lot repairs for your commercial property. We will monitor your property proactively to identify issues and communicate closely with you to resolve them.

Spring and Fall Clean-Up Services

Spring clean-ups make a big visual improvement on your landscaping and help to prepare your plants for the growing season. Plants are pruned, lawns are raked and edged, garden beds are cleaned, mulched, and edge-trimmed, and parking areas are power swept. All debris is removed from your site and organic matter is composted.

In the fall, grounds are prepared for the winter with fall clean-ups. Perennials are cut back, beds are cultivated, lawns are fertilized, and all grounds are cleaned of debris and dead material. If you also have a winter property maintenance program in place, curbs are staked and salt boxes are placed in preparation of the coming snow and ice.

Seasonal Plantings

A colourful splash of flowers does wonders for a property’s curb appeal, creating order and commanding attention. Our horticultural experts and designers will work with you to develop and manage your colour program for every season. We will provide seasonal planting for a wide range of plants and flowers that will help make your garden beds pop for visitors, tenants, and customers to see!

Environmental Program for Healthy Lawns

Our environmental programs address the most fundamental needs of your green spaces — the health of your lawn. This program includes soil analysis, fertilizing, topdressing, and core aeration to keep your grass looking fresh and verdant. If you struggle with dry or yellowing lawns in drier parts of the summer, this service can help keep everything looking beautiful.


  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Spring cleanup
  • Fall cleanup
  • Seasonal plantings

“The fellows who came here from Gelderman worked continuously from early in the morning until well into the supper hour and made such a difference to the “staging” of our property. The edged lawns, the trees with well defined edges, the lack of thatch after doing a proper job of raking I’m sure will make a huge difference to the look of our lawns helping the grass to grow properly without being crowded out.”

Linda & Barry Woods, Condominium Unit Owners (Stoney Creek, Ontario)


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